Live Blackjack On Tv

It’s not only poker that are shown on tv when it comes to gambling. There are much more games being aired by different channels because of the big interest. For example you can watch everything from blackjack tournaments where you play blackjack against your opponent to people playing slot machines on stream. There are different ways of doing this in the modern society. You have for example streaming sources such as Twitch and Youtube where you can stream the action directly. This also gives the opportunity to create videos that people can watch in a later stage. So together with normal tv channels and online streaming services you can watch lots of different gambling. But one popular game is Blackjack.


Watch real blackjack tournaments

You can watch real blackjack being played on casinos with some big prize pools. You then get to bet an amount of your total stack and play blackjack against the other players and the dealer. This is something that’s very popular and use to get aired on tv. It’s not the easiest thing to qualify in to this tournaments but if you do, you have great chances to win. Prize pools can be including 10+ thousands, so if you win you can get a nice pay day.

Few players involved

There are fewer players involved in a blackjack tournament than an poker tournament. So if you look at it that way it’s easier to win a blackjack tournaments than poker tournaments. The aired show usually only have the last players as well to show the last action and till the game is over and we have a winner. It’s not the same hype around blackjack tournaments so they stay quite small. Overall it’s nice competitions with some good money to win.

View more blackjack

There are more blackjack games that are possible to view. First you have people playing blackjack and streaming on YouTube or Twitch at the same time. This way you and more people can watch casino games such as blackjack live via stream. This is one of the more popular source being used to show other people what you are doing. So if you really burn for the game blackjack there are many places to watch it.