Online Poker in UK

Online poker is a popular product in UK and lots of people are playing regularly. The same goes for many different places in the world both in Asia and USA. The problem with USA though is that the government blocked all poker sites for the whole America. Same goes for many other countries but most of the countries can play. At least on some sites. Players residing in UK will be able to play on most online poker sites which is good.

The biggest site, Pokerstars has some of the largest prize pools for tournaments and most action on their cash games. So for UK players that has been the choice to play. There are also a few other sites that are good, but not as big as Pokerstars. So online poker mainly plays on Pokerstars and few other sites.

Online poker mobile

Play online poker in mobile devices

Like any other game out there online poker is also available in mobile and tablet. Online poker sites were quick to follow the trend of mobile games and launched and optimized their poker to work in mobile devices. This way they can attract more players and more hours can be put in by players. This gives the poker sites better value which increases the prize pools and more. The number one in mobile poker is Pokerstars and that’s understandable because they are the biggest. So nowadays we can see people playing real live poker in a casino and at the same time playing online poker in their mobile or tablet. Talk about multitasking and putting in the activity.

Mobile poker is very popular and increases for every year. So if you like online poker and haven’t tried it yet, you should.

Online poker in the future

What happen in America is rare and they are actually opening up for it again in some states. So online poker are here to stay and will always be available one way or another. When it comes to online poker in UK it looks good, although the regulated gambling market making it slightly difficult for operators nowadays. But it’s better with regulations, hard rules and safety instead of the wild wild west. If you like online poker you can relax, it will always be there but maybe not so easy to win. Players are getting better, computer programs are tracking hands and can see how you play. And to not forget the fee (rake) that you have to pay when playing. Yeah, it’s a lot harder to win in poker nowadays. These are the challenges in the future:

  1. Rake (the fee) on the websites.
  2. Less rewards and less rakeback / cashback.
  3. Better players in general – it’s so easy to find good guides and become good nowadays.
  4. Programs that are being used to track how you play so players can get an idea of what kind of plays you do.

If you can tackle these ones, you are good to go. Then you need a lot of luck as well to win the real big money.

Summary online poker

This page are here to give readers a brief information regarding online poker as a product. Firstly, we can see that online poker is decreasing in latest years (2018-2019) and onward. The reason for this are regulations and competition. Regulations can make it impossible for gambling sites to provide poker as a product and when the competition between players increases (that everyone´s getting better), it´s less value out there on the tables. So, online poker will still be a great product, loved by many. But it will also be a more difficult product onward, for both companies and players.