Watch Poker and Casino online

Nowadays we have the technoligy to view a lot of things on Youtube and the streaming service Twitch. This opens up a new world of people that’ streaming and making videos about everything you can imagine. Much of that is about games such as Counter Strike, League Of Legends and also online poker, offline poker, bingo online and other online casino games. There are actually people streaming online casino and poker live for their audience. So these channels are very popular and is taking over much from tv entertainment.

Poker on Youtube and Twitch

Poker has become a popular game for streamers. You can even find many professional poker players that are streaming when they are playing. There is money to be made by having a lot of viewers so streaming can be a nice income source. Even big live poker tournaments are streamed on Youtube and Twitch. This way everyone can watch the game being played live on stream instead of waiting for it to be aired on tv. Most of the aired material becomes a video afterwards that will be possible to watch on both Youtube and Twitch. Some people even edit and modify videos for their viewers. So it’s big business out there for social media streaming, especially for poker.

casino and poker onlineOnline casino streaming

Something popular in UK, Sweden, Finland, Germany and some other nordic or north Europe countries are online casino streaming. That means people playing online casino for real money and streaming it live for people to watch. It can be everything from live casino games, table games and slot machines. This is a good way for people that don’t want to gamble themselves to still get some action and watch the fun. There is also good for casino players to see new games and how they work. Streamers also do different giveaways and competition, so it’s actually possible to get some value out of watching some streamers.

Online casino streaming is something that’s popular and started being popular in 2015 – 2017, 2018 and 2019. There are also money to be made by streaming online casino on Twitch and Youtube.

Stream and play yourself

The best thing is that you can do this all yourself. If you are 18+ then you can play both online casino and online poker. With that you can open up an streaming account and start playing. If you are fun, good or do something special you will build a fan base. After a while you can start earning money on your stream which is really nice and that’s something many are striving for.